services Cloud Hosting

Sharp Hue has developed a sophisticated private hosting cloud for websites and business technology solutions.  We make bits and bytes fly at top speed from our cloud servers to your web browser.  We work behind the scenes to ensure fast, reliable, and secure websites & technologies that scale as your business grows.

Hosting Partners

Choosing the right partners in business can be the difference between success and failure. Sharp Hue utilizes high uptime services to power our client’s websites.  We use a combination of custom servers, WP Engine, and Microsoft Azure to keep sites running with high availability.

Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting benefits our clients by giving them peace of mind. Why bother with configuring settings and tinkering with control panels when you can trust the experts at Sharp Hue to customize and manage your hosting plan? No configuration request is too large or too small—let us take care of it!

Hosting That’s Backed by Experts

  • Free Setup & Configuration
  • Daily Backups
  • Automatic Patches / Updates
  • Domain & DNS Configuration
  • Resource Optimization

WordPress Hosting

WordPress is considered by many to be the premier, go-to content management system for small businesses, media outlets and some of the largest corporations in the world. Why bother worrying about installing software, creating a MySQL database, backing up your site and fussing with updates? We take care everything for you!

Small Business WordPress Hosting

Plans start at $25/month when you bring your own email hosting.

10% Discount with an Annual Hosting Plan!

WordPress Hosting w/Email

Plans start at $35/month and includes 2 e-mail accounts.  Additional e-mail accounts are available for $5/user/month. We utilize spam and virus filtering to keep your inbox safe.

10% Discount with an Annual Hosting Plan!

Custom App & Database Hosting

Plans start at $50/month. We’ll host your app and database in a shared resource configuration to give you the compute power you need without the costly licenses.

10% Discount with an Annual Hosting Plan!

Virtual Private Servers

Plans start at $150/month. We’ll configure, manage, and optimize your app inside a private virtual server.  You get the power of dedicated without the unexpected costs and maintenance headaches.

10% Discount with an Annual Hosting Plan!

Barracuda SPAM / Virus Firewall

Nobody has time to deal with SPAM, viruses, or system downtime in a global marketplace, and that’s why Sharp Hue has chosen Barracuda Networks as our partner for hassle-free e-mail systems. Our systems are updated hourly to watch for the latest threats and accurately filter out negative e-mails 24/7.