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Migrate to the cloud and experience collaboration and synchronization like never before

Top reasons to migrate to cloud-based e-mail

Ease of setup on any device, familiar interface

E-mail, calendars, contacts, and tasks synced to all devices

Plentiful storage, extra team security, and backups

Connect to other cloud productivity apps

Cloud email migration backed by the experts at Sharp Hue

  • ✓ Zero downtime migration is our highest priority
  • ✓ Coordination and planning to maintain productivity
  • ✓ After hours transition
  • ✓ Expert domain management
  • ✓ Admin training
  • Migration service only $50 per mailbox
  • *Non profits can receive free google/office 365 accounts if the proper paperwork is filed

Keep your old email and folders with our data migration services

Take your old email data, contacts, and calendars with you.

• Two pass migration process ensures all your data is migrated

• Best for users who already have data synced on multiple devices

• Bring the folder and organization scheme you’re accustomed to


Leave nothing behind for an additional $25 per mailbox

Typical Migration Steps


Sharp Hue obtains a list of current user accounts and passwords through a secure form. Skip this step if your email is currently hosted with Sharp Hue.


Sharp Hue document all alias, group lists, and forwarding account settings to apply to the new cloud email provider (G Suite of Office 365).


The client sets up the primary account admin on the new cloud email provider and provides the credentials to Sharp Hue for further configuration.


Sharp Hue connects the customer’s domain through a domain verification process to enable the ability to add accounts on the new cloud email provider.


The client adds the new accounts from the cloud hosting company to each user’s computers and devices.  This allows running in parallel with old accounts until the cutover date and time, and data migration is completed.


If data migration is part of the project, a first-pass data migration is done behind the scenes to copy data and folders from the current server to the new cloud email host.


Sharp Hue schedules cutover to the new system and the client contact communicates these changes with their team and sets expectations.


At the designated time, Sharp Hue makes key changes to the client’s domain settings to point their email services to the new cloud email provider.


Sharp Hue performs a second pass migration to ensure all data from the old server is synced to the cloud email provider. Sharp Hue then disables the old server to force email to come to the new cloud email provider only.


For a 48 Hour period Sharp Hue is on standby and monitors for issues and troubleshoots any issues on-the-fly.


After 2 days of successfully running on new cloud email provider, old server resources are discontinued

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