Launch of Bikes, Blues & BBQ Website Redesign with First-Ever Mobile Version

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Launch of Bikes, Blues & BBQ Website Redesign with First-Ever Mobile Version

When it comes to great music, amazing food and—most importantly—loud motorcycles, you just can’t beat the Bikes, Blues & BBQ Motorcycle Rally in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The event is a favorite for bikers from all over the country, featuring tons of live music venues, great BBQ food and hundreds of vendors with the latest and greatest in bike accessories, clothing, and gear. This year, Sharp Hue was proud to revamp the event’s web presence, which included its first-ever mobile website!

Yet again, we pushed the innovation boundaries and redesigned the BBB website to modernize the look and feel of the organization, providing easier content management tools so that the group could easily update information on the site. We just finished launching the website on July 23, and look forward to helping this group raise awareness and contributions to its cause.

We were very happy to work with BBB, a great organization that raises money for local charities in Northwest Arkansas through its annual rally. As one of the top five largest motorcycle events in the country, the rally attracts visitors not only from all over the U.S., but from around the world. This year’s event takes place September 28-October 1.

As with any charitable organization, time and resources are precious commodities, which is why we streamlined the management tasks for the site. With custom integration of existing technologies like WordPress, Google Calendar, WuFoo Forms, Twitter, and Facebook, the site is easy to navigate and runs very smoothly. Furthering the group’s dedication to engage in cutting-edge technologies, the new web presence for BBB includes a first-ever mobile version of the site, which provides timely information available at the fingertips of hundreds of thousands of event-goers.

Some of the exciting features of the new BBB site:

  • Redesigned look, completely original and unlike any version of the site in the past decade
  • Custom styling of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  • Custom email marketing template
  • Mobile-friendly version of the website (check it out yourself from your mobile phone!)
  • Sponsor ad tracking that records ever-important impression and click metrics
  • Online vendor application forms and payment
  • Online volunteer signup forms
  • Optimized and custom web hosting, providing fast performance before, during and after the big event

BBB’s rallies have donated over $600,000 to local charities since the event began in 2000. We are honored to work with local organizations like BBB, as well as others like the Arkansas Crisis Center, Boys & Girls Club of Benton County and Chile Pepper Cross Country festival. We’re committed to providing our local nonprofits with high-quality and cutting-edge resources, allowing them to best serve those who they wish to help.

We invite you to take a look at the revamped website for Bikes, Blues & BBQ at Please let us know what you think!

#10: Keep your site fresh

…part of the “Ten Ways to Maximize Your Small Business Website’s Performance” series…

The best websites are like living things. Your visitors come to see what’s new, to interact with your company, to learn, and to enjoy.

Getting this effect takes time and effort. If web design, web content, and web marketing aren’t your areas of expertise, it can be a struggle. Yet it’s essential. Your web site is an investment. Failing to keep it fresh limits your return on that investment. An out of date site creates the impression that your business is also out of date. It’s the same as having a ramshackle building with peeling paint. It affects your visitors’ impression of your business.

Plan when you design your site for the ways you’ll want to refresh your web site. Your web professional can help you explore the options and make the best plan for your circumstances.

Managing a small business and keeping up with your web site can be cumbersome. But it’s worth doing. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, or prefer not to divert staff from essential tasks, engage a professional to keep up with your web site.

#9: Engage your visitors

…part of the “Ten Ways to Maximize Your Small Business Website’s Performance” series…

Social media is a great way to keep your customers in the loop and also to let them help you promote your products and services. Consider setting up a Facebook page for your company. Create a Twitter account that keeps your customers informed about interesting things you are doing. Use Linked In, Spoke, or the relevant community within your industry to network and build relationships.

Word of mouth has long been one of the best means of marketing around. Now, it’s just as likely to be a text, a tweet, or an email as a spoken word. It’s still a great way to establish trust and strengthen connections.

Social media is a two-way street. You can learn from your customers and your colleagues, and even from your competitors. Give your visitors as many ways as possible to give you feedback about your web site, company, products, and services. You’ll get valuable insights, and your visitors will feel more engaged with your company.

The most important thing to remember in using social media is authenticity. Social media marketing isn’t the same as advertising. It’s a community, or a set of communities. Your business benefits from being part of the online community just as it does from being part of the community where you live.

Contact Sharp Hue and we’ll help you get set up with Twitter, Facebook, and more. Check back soon for tip #10: Keep your site fresh

Ignite the Trend

A couple of months ago I was working in a consultation session with a client on her upcoming web site for East Meets West Spa & Salon ( Helena said something profound to me that got me thinking about what it takes to be a real entrepreneur with a vision. She summed up risk and reward in three words “Ignite the Trend”.

Every great idea has to start somewhere & someone has to make the push to make it real. I guarantee that in a majority of those cases where a spark is turned into fire that determination, hard work, and ingenuity were all fueling it.

It’s no doubt that web development today is undergoing a phenomenal rebirth into Web 2.0. Those that embrace this change in their development strategies will definitely see the rewards of doing so at least until Web 3.0 happens. What is profound about Helena’s comment is that it describes a mindset that quickly embraces whats current, but continues to build bigger and better things leaving a blazing path for others to follow.

Sharp Hue, Inc. was built on entrepreneurial principles but also a sound business foundation. The combination is explosive and that’s why we’ve adapted a provisional motto: “We’re cutting edge and we mean it”. We aren’t just another firm that uses hype and language to make ourselves look good. Our clients and portfolio tell the story.

We understand that not every business is ready for the kind of development we are offering or willing to pay for the best, but if you invest in a professional relationship with Sharp Hue today, you can be sure that your web presence will always be better than your competition’s. This is in no way a guess about the future — we are built on firm principles and you can count on us growing to be a well known name in web development in Northwest Arkansas and around the world. We are here to stay and we will continue to Ignite the Trend.