How To: Use WordPress’s Image Editor

If you didn’t already know, WordPress includes a simple image editor tool that allows you to make some basic adjustments.You can crop, flip, rotate, and even scale. Here’s a quick rundown on how to get started.

However you decide to upload an image (from the media library or using the media button in your content editor), you will see the following screen:


Clicking on the “Edit Image” button expands this screen and displays a series of buttons above your image and a series of sidebar areas to the right of it:


If you want to crop your photo, select an area to crop by dragging your cursor:



Next, click on the crop icon ( ). Voila.


You can make use of the aspect ratio feature if you prefer to have your image cropped according to a specific ratio (2:1; 3:1; 1:1, etc.). Enter the ratio values you want to use. In this example, I used 100:100 which is the same as 1:1. This will create a simple square. To create your object, hold the “Shift” key and drag your cursor across the image. This will select an area according to the ratio you’ve set.

Hit the crop button and you’re all set. You can also rotate and flip the image using the other icons above your image. You can even undo changes if you make a mistake.

Let’s talk scale for a moment. If you want to reduce the size of your photo but keep its proportions, click on the “Scale Image” link to reveal the dimension fields and scale button. The original dimensions of your image will auto-fill the fields. If you change the value of one field, the other will change automatically and proportionally. For example, if I want to reduce the width of the image from 1024 pixels to 300 pixels, all I have to do is enter the number 300 in the width field and the height field will automatically change to the correct, proportionate value: 225.

Click the “Scale” button and you’re done.

Regardless of whether you are scaling an image, cropping it, rotating or flipping it, remember to save it. If you hit it accidentally or make a change you later decide you don’t like, don’t worry. WordPress has a feature that allows you to revert back to your image’s original properties. Once you’ve made a change and saved it, you will see a “Restore Original Image” link underneath the “Scale Image” link. Clicking it does exactly what it says: it discards all of your edits and displays the original image you uploaded.