#10: Keep your site fresh

…part of the “Ten Ways to Maximize Your Small Business Website’s Performance” series…


The best websites are like living things. Your visitors come to see what’s new, to interact with your company, to learn, and to enjoy.


Getting this effect takes time and effort. If web design, web content, and web marketing aren’t your areas of expertise, it can be a struggle. Yet it’s essential. Your web site is an investment. Failing to keep it fresh limits your return on that investment. An out of date site creates the impression that your business is also out of date. It’s the same as having a ramshackle building with peeling paint. It affects your visitors’ impression of your business.


Plan when you design your site for the ways you’ll want to refresh your web site. Your web professional can help you explore the options and make the best plan for your circumstances.


Managing a small business and keeping up with your web site can be cumbersome. But it’s worth doing. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, or prefer not to divert staff from essential tasks, engage a professional to keep up with your web site.