#7: Understand your traffic

…part of the “Ten Ways to Maximize Your Small Business Website’s Performance” series…With web sites, the numbers tell the story. Once you have your web site launched, you’ll have questions. Are people interested in your products? How long do they stay? On what pages do they exit your site? All of these questions can be answered by installing Google Analytics into your web site. Google Analytics is a free service that gives you information on who is visiting your web site, how they arrived, what they do during their visit, and when they leave. This data allows you to make informed business decisions, on and off your web site.Knowing which sources send you the most traffic lets you target your marketing efforts in the direction that gives you the best return on your investment. Knowing where in the world your visitors are lets you tweak your message to encourage local traffic, if that’s what you need, or to accommodate your global clientele.But you can only take advantage of this information if you collect it, follow it, and understand how to use it. If your skill set doesn’t include working with quantitative data, get professional help with this step. Don’t lose out on the opportunity.

Contact Sharp Hue and we’ll help you install Google Analytics into your web site — it’s easier than you think. Check back soon for tip #8: Maintain a blog