#4: Optimize Your Web Site for Search

…part of the “Ten Ways to Maximize Your Small Business Website’s Performance” series…In the early days of the web, there wasn’t much available, and people would flock to almost any new site. Now your site competes with millions of others for traffic.Your web site content should be written with language that will attract both search engines and people. When your customers – or the people who should be your customers, but they don’t know it yet – look for you at their favorite search engine, what words do they type in? Those are your keywords, the words which the search engines need to find at your web site. Those words should have prominence. But your awareness of search engines should never interfere with your human visitors’ positive experience. What’s more, search engines give preference to well-designed, well-written sites. Take the time to create a quality web site for best results. Major search engines favor sites with valid, up-to-date coding and correct English. They favor sites with a high level of usability, or user-friendliness. And they always favor good content.There are no tricks to SEO; it’s just good business. A high-quality, professional web site will perform better than a lesser-quality web site.Contact Sharp Hue and let us help you create a successful and cost-effective Search Engine Optimization strategy. Check back soon for tip #5: Use Professional Web Hosting