#2: Create a Visually Appealing Home Page

…part of the “Ten Ways to Maximize Your Small Business Website’s Performance” series…

When people first access your web site, whether it be from a search engine or by typing the web address in from your business card, they should land on a home page that represents exactly what you do. They should know immediately what you have to offer, and how they can get what you’re offering. Your unique selling point and the visitor’s next action step should both be visible within the first few seconds of opening your home page.That’s not enough, though. When your visitors get the message immediately, but it feels like an ad, they’re likely to click away. When they grasp the information but feel no connection with the site and no desire to deepen their relationship with your company, you lose them.Your visitors have to get your message, but they should also say “Wow,” and feel moved to click deeper into the site to learn more. People stay longer and explore further at a web site that is a pleasure to look at, that sparks curiosity, that engages them.Take the time to develop a home page that gets this response, and your web site will be a valuable member of your sales force.Contact Sharp Hue to have us create your website with “Wow”. Check back on Thursday, May 7, 2009 for tip #3: Make navigation easy