#1: Ten Ways to Maximize Your Small Business Website’s Performance

Americans now use the internet most often to search for basic information about businesses, not the phone book. A growing number of consumers begin their transactions online, even if they visit your brick and mortar business to conclude the sale. And, in today’s economic climate, the lower cost and increased ROI of online marketing makes your web site even more important.How can you get the most from your small business web site? Today we begin a series of ten ways to maximize your website’s performance. Stay with us to learn how to make your web site reach its full potential.#1: Use a professional web design companyThe internet is participatory. It’s full of user-generated content. So when you know you need a web site for your business, you might feel that you can just have your neighbor’s kid build one for you.That’s a mistake.Internet technology changes quickly. It takes an experienced web designer to keep up with the latest development and design standards so your web site looks good on every computer and every device. It takes some engineering to make your web site behave the way you want it to. It takes artistry to give your web site the look and feel that you want to have representing your company.A professionally designed web site ties together your online and offline marketing, branding, and identity. It presents your company’s face to the world in a way that leads to increased customer loyalty, increased efficiency for your business, and ultimately to increased profits.This isn’t the kind of thing you should leave to a hobbyist. The most expensive web site is the one that you have to abandon when you start over and have it done right. The wisest course is to have it done right in the first place. Contact Sharp Hue to have us develop your web site right the first time. Check back on Monday, May 4, 2009 for tip #2: Create a Visually Appealing Home Page