Using Actions in Adobe Photoshop CS3

There is a user friendly tool in Adobe Photoshop called Actions that can be found in the window drop down menu.

The default list in the Action palette ranges from Sepia Toning to Save as a Photoshop PDF. Using Actions can save a great deal of time especially if you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again. Actions are great because you can perform an Action on an entire folder instead of performing the Action on each individual file within the folder.

Think of the Actions palette as you would a VCR. There is a record button, play button, and a stop button. To use one of the Photoshop Actions you simply push the play button and Photoshop will perform that Action.

For instance, suppose you have a photo of a flower that you would like to manipulate. Under the Actions menu you will find “Neon Edges” and decide that is exactly what the photo needs.

  1. Open the photo in Photoshop
  2. Open the Actions palette
  3. Choose “Neon Edges”
  4. Push play
  5. Save the manipulated image

If you want to create your own customized Actions it is quite easy.

  1. Open the file you are wanting to perform the Action on
  2. Click the new Action button
  3. Push the record button and begin doing things to your file
  4. When you’re finished push the stop button. Photoshop has recorded everything done to the file since the record button was pushed.

Suppose you want a suitcase photo to look like it has been watercolor painted with a vignette around it’s edges. Go to Filter > Watercolor and click okay. Then go to Filter > Lens Correction and add the Vignette to the image.

Photoshop is now ready to play your customized Action on any photograph or file you bring into Photoshop.

To learn more you can go to Http:// or simply type in Photoshop Actions in Google and there are tons of websites devoted to helping people discover new ways to use Actions everyday!