The Sharp Hue Toolbox

At Sharp Hue, Inc., we’re cutting edge and committed to excellence. One reflection of that commitment is the tools we use. We’ve worked to refine our toolbox to contain the most powerful and efficient tools. The resulting efficiencies are what let us build premium sites for reasonable prices. We want to be able to help every client, small or large, at a fair price.

The version control system which lets us have zero data loss is one part of the equation. Managed hosting with zero down time is another. Investing in the best software is a third.

We have lots of things in our bag of tricks, but here are the tools we think are the essentials for a designer’s toolbox:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS3 is our primary tool for the prototyping process that expedites communication between Sharp Hue designers and clients. This program also allows us to work efficiently as a team, saving our clients money and time.
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3 allows us to create vector graphics that can be used in multiple media without losing quality. This means that our clients can use the logos we create for them in their print, screen, and online materials, and even in signage and billboards.
  • Adobe InDesign CS3 lets us meld content, graphics, and design in the most natural way. We can produce fliers, brochures, and other print materials to meet the mosMicrosoft Visual Studio is our preferred development environment. We det stringent requirements. Our clients can also be confident that their visual identity will be consistent across print, screen, and online media, ensuring a recognizable and trustworthy impression among their clients and customers.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio is our preferred development environment. We develop as well as design, so our clients can have exactly what they want and need in a website. While we specialize in providing a custom experience at a reasonable price, our range of skills allows us to produce custom solutions when that is the best option for a client.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 is our web coding tool. We use the code-view approach to help us efficiently hand code all of our web sites with pixel precision. When we code a site, it looks the same on Mac or PC, Firefox or Safari, regardless of operating system.

Check our archive for posts containing tips for using these tools, or just call us to schedule an appointment and let us use them on your behalf.