Corporate Identity, Logos, and You

When you look at a wall of business cards like this, it’s obvious that very few of them will stand out and catch a viewer’s attention. When you hand your card out at networking meetings, conferences, and sales calls, and it goes into someone’s pocket or briefcase with all the others, it may blend into the collection in the same way.

Will your business card stand out from the pack? Does your web site, flyer, e-mail, conference presentation, or letterhead bring your company to mind immediately? One solution will make all these elements of your corporate identity memorable: a well-designed custom logo.

An excellent logo can be used in all elements of your corporate identity package:

  • Corporate Logo
  • Business Cards
  • Web Site Design
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Promotional Items
  • PowerPoint Template
  • Microsoft Word Template
  • E-mail Marketing Template
  • Brochures
  • Letterhead
  • Product Profile
  • Corporate Graphics
  • Brand Usage Guidelines
  • Signage
  • Billboards

The consistent use of a well-designed logo helps to make your brand immediately identifiable and to establish trust and recognition, as well as taking that all-important first step of attracting attention. A well-designed logo makes your clients and customers open that envelope, read that e-mail, and save that flyer, because they know right away that it comes from someone they’re happy to hear from: you.

What is a well-designed logo?

  • The basic principles of design apply to logos as much as to all other designs. Simplicity, unity, balance, repetition, and intentional use of color and theme are essential. With logos, less is definitely more. You want an immediate impact on your first-time viewer, and immediate recognition after that. To get these effects, you need a striking and memorable logo. A professional logo design is a worthwhile investment.
  • A logo should be meaningful, as well. The logo Sharp Hue, Inc. designed for our new Visual Cart system echoes the leaf shape of the main Sharp Hue logo, but we’ve put it in the form of a friendly shopping cart, because that’s exactly what Visual Cart is: a user-friendly new electronic shopping cart. When your logo creates the emotional and visual impact you want, your brand benefits. We work simultaneously with font, slogan, icon, and color, keeping in mind your target audience, to ensure that your logo does its job.
  • We’ve moved past just making a great design on paper. In order to get the maximum from your design investment, you’ll want to use your logo on all the visible products of your company. That means that you’ll need to have your design in formats that will work for online, screen, and print applications. Sharp Hue, Inc. designs with vector graphics and “pixel precision” to ensure that the design will work with a variety of media. It’s also useful to make certain that your logo is invertable – that is, that it looks good on both light and dark backgrounds. This level of versatility maximizes the return on your investment. When we design your web site, we work with your existing logo, or design a new one for you, and make sure that it will shine with your web site design.

When is it time to change your logo? This is not a step to be taken lightly, since you’ve put a lot of time and effort into making your logo well-known and recognizable. Still, it is often an essential step:

  • When your original logo doesn’t capture the image of your organization adequately. In this case, the sooner you change to a better logo, the sooner you’ll see better results.
  • When your original logo needs modernization. UPS has redesigned their logo several times over the years as have many Fortune 500 companies. The basic UPS shield remains and the color scheme is similar, so they won’t give up recognizability, but the new look is sleeker and more modern in appearance.

  • When your business has changed. If you have expanded your market, increased your offerings, or changed your delivery systems in exciting ways, it might be time to show those changes in new visual elements.

Check out the logo design page at for examples of fresh, visually appealing logos. Does your logo measure up? To arrange for a professional custom logo design, to make your current logo available for multiple media formats, or to design a web site that complements your logo, contact us today at