Photoshop CS3, tips

We recently upgraded most of our design computers with Photoshop CS3. So far, all I can say about the new Photoshop is that I’m impressed. Check out this mockup we were working on:

Part of why this version is the best one yet is the productivity increase from the tools that allows us more time for designing and creativity. This is good for clients and designers because the best product is achieved.

Time Saving Features:

Copy Layer Style” is one of my new favorites. Use this when you need to quickly copy a layer style to one or more other layers. Tip: press and hold CTRL or Shift while clicking and selecting layers, then right click and “Paste Layer Style” to copy it to the selected layers.

“Replicate text style” — OK, that is a name I came up with, but the time-saver is much cooler. Using CTRL or Shift to multiple select text layers, pop-out the new character menu and change any attribute of those selected text layers all at one time.

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but I’m sure I’ll be posting more thoughts in the future.