If you build it, WILL they come?

The short answer is: only if they can find you. Over the past few months we’ve been looking more into Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click advertising, and web site conversion. These are the fundamentals of what I call “web site marketing”.

A new great friend and new client (great when it works out that way no?), by the name of Jacob Minett has been at the forefront of helping me expose this knowledge for the good of all Sharp Hue clients. Just because a web site looks great doesn’t mean people are going to know about it or find it. So just how do you get good at this stuff? Patience has a lot to do with it (on the order of months and months of tweaking.)

A lot of you are familiar with the way web sites are indexed by search engines, but the mysterious question that everyone wants answered is, “how can I get my site at the top of a Google search”. Well, the answer is, do your homework and make your website search engine friendly and content optimized. Jacob has achieved great ranking for his site by applying a few of the techniques I’ll mention below. I decided with the launch of that I could have a fresh start in building a web site with the right SEO tactics in mind.
  1. use a meta tag analyzer to see how your site stacks up today:
  2. work to optimize your keywords, title, and description to have RELEVANCY to the content and words used on your page. A long laundry list of keywords might actually hurt you
  3. use “ALT” tags on all your images so robots and crawlers know what the image is
  4. use bold, italics, etc. to bring attention to special keywords that have more important meaning
  5. make sure you include a “robots” meta tag so search engines know how to navigate your page
  6. submit a sitemap file to Google (you can find a sitemap generator tool that will build the XML for you)
  7. update relevant content on your site frequently — and blog too!
  8. make sure you get your link out there…on friend’s blogs, other web sites, etc. This will help your link popularity
  9. it definitely pays to pay-per-click. PPC advertising can get you some traffic to get the word out about your site
  10. Have patience, keep tweaking, and always keep abreast of what your competition is doing