Trends & Dying Arts

We started noticing a trend in big city developers to move towards standards and sites without many photos. Photos have become a thing of the past as a header graphic or space filler in web sites. Instead, practical and useful graphics and screenshots have replaced the archaic methods of web development. Don’t even get me started on stock photography — All I need to say is that unless it is directly related to your concept, nobody cares about the random people dressed in business suits shaking hands anymore.

The wide adoption of CSS in the past couple of years is transforming the way people think about web design. It’s funny though, because all of this technology has existed for many years but just now is being popularized through the concepts of “Web 2.0“. The Wikipedia entry for Web 2.0 has this amazing graphic which explains in a nutshell what all the new hype is about:

[Click Image to Enlarge]
Sharp Hue, Inc. is located in the ever expanding metro of Northwest Arkansas. For those of you that don’t know, we are home to Wal-Mart, JB Hunt, Tyson, and the University of Arkansas. Standards based development is a rare thing around here, but we are no strangers to being cutting edge and leaving a path for others to follow. All of our clients are encouraged to adopt these new trends as they can be a huge competitive advantage if they do it before their competition. So far, we have had good response from clients to allow us to spend a little more time implementing standards in development so that we can continue to make the push for standards in our region. Just imagine how nice it will be when everyone does…then on to Web 3.0!