about Our Story

May 2006

Sharp Hue Founded

February 2008

Sharp Hue V2 Launched

June 2008

Partner with N2 Servers Hosting

May 2010

WordPress CMS Adoption

June 2011

Sharp Hue V3 Launched

August 2011

Serving 100 Active Clients

December 2011

Launched 40th WordPress Site

Our History

Shan Pesaru founded Sharp Hue, Inc. in May 2006, a company born out of a previous web design and hosting venture.  The Sharp Hue Team works tirelessly to stay ahead of the industry curve, and to continuously revolutionize our industry.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the way businesses use the web to complement their brand in an online world. We do this by educating our clients, leading by example, and always pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Cutting Edge

Our dynamic approach allows us to stay cutting edge–or sharp–in an industry that recreates itself every few years. The principles stay simple, the product robust, so we always deliver the best solution possible.

What does “Sharp Hue” mean?

The name Sharp Hue is representative of how we build solutions for our clients. The combination of words with the colorful logo was no accident: This is who we are.

Sharp, adj. : 1. Well adapted for cutting or piercing; having a keen cutting edge or point: opposed to blunt 2. Keen-witted and alert in practical matters, businesslike, smart. 3. Acute or penetrating in intellect or perception.

Hue, noun: 1. Form, shape, figure; appearance, aspect; 2. Attribute of perceived color—a mixture of hues creates stunning visual appeal.

On February 6, 2008, Sharp Hue V2 launched our all-new site in an effort to stay ahead of the Internet’s endless innovation. The Sharp Hue team places special emphasis on assuring clients that we follow our own advice, striving to reinvent our digital identity even as we press forward.